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Our Ministry Training College is an integral part of our purpose and vision here at Greater Life. Our desire is not just to impact our community through the love and power of Jesus, but to equip God's people, from all denominations and all walks of life. The College is run on a modular basis and details of the next module will be displayed soon.

Key areas of previous study include:
- What it means to be forgiven
- The new nature versus the old nature
- What we were redeemed from and into
- Royal identity, servant-hood and friendship with God
- The victory we have in Christ
- Christian spiritual authority (how to use it and what are the limits)
- Success and our self-image (how God sees us and how we should see ourselves)
- The importance of building good relationships

Who is it for?
Anyone and everyone. The courses are designed to bring truth to life for those who are brand new to the Christian faith all the way through to those who are mature Christians. You can commence at any point in time.

What do I need?
You need no academic qualifications. You do not need to be a member of our church, or in fact of any church in particular. You do not need to be an academic and you should not fear if you have 'not studied for years!' (a common question!) The emphasis to to bring Biblical and practical truth to you in a way that adds positive value, divine purpose and practical wisdom to your life.
You will need a Bible (ideally with some kind of margin or centre column notes in it), some kind of note-taking book (paper or electronic is fine), a pen and a highlighter. That's it! You will receive notes especially written for each course to aid in your study and enjoyment.

Who teaches us?
Our head teacher and founder of the College is Ps Paul van Essen. Ps Paul has been in full time ministry for over 20 years, and spent several years with Christian City Church in Sydney as the Principal of their Bible & Ministry Training College. He graduated over 100 full-time and 300 part-time students in 3 years, as well as leading missionary trips, church revival meetings and preaching at numerous colleges, camps and churches of various denominations throughout Australia, New Zealand and USA. He has brought his training, his experience and his passion here to UK where Greater Life Ministry Training College has already trained in excess of 250 students both full and part time.
Other guest lecturers, both local and international, will teach at the College as the Holy Spirit leads.

What about the courses?
The courses are based firmly on the Bible, have a strong sense of the anointing of the Holy Spirit and are deliberately very practical. Courses available include:

  • How to be led by the Holy Spirit
  • The Spiritual Authority of the Christian
  • God, Success and Self-Image
  • Effective and Practical Leadership
  • Wisdom and Practical Living Skills
  • The Generals of God through History
  • Prayer
  • The Holy Spirit and His Gifts
  • The 6 essential Foundations of Christian Life
  • Faith that Moves Mountains
  • Apostles, Prophets and the 21st Century Church

What about the cost?
Costs are deliberately kept low in order to facilitate virtually every budget. The 6 week course includes 12 hours of face-to-face teaching and costs £50 - this includes notes, a light tea break each week, and the marking of an assignment (for those who wish it).
Students, youth, single parents and those on a low income gain a 25% discount on fees, and married couples gain a 50% discount on the second person as long as they attend simultaneously. Anyone from age 14 and over is permitted to attend.

Awards, graduation and affiliation
Completion of 4 different 4-6 week modules with completed assignments will lead to the presentation of a 'Certificate of Biblical Studies' at a special College Graduation Service. We have no formal affiliation with Universities or denominations. We have a board of trustees and good relational links with several ministries in UK and beyond (see our Partners & Friends page for more details).

Wait - I have children!
You are not the first!! We genuinely want to see God's people trained up to be effective, full of God and living the abundant life God intended for them. We know that sometimes children and child-minding can be an issue, and in such cases we ask you to speak with Ps Paul or the College secretary to make clear your situation. We will then undertake to assist you in whatever way we can.

Click here to contact the office for more details.

Just some of the testimonies:

My life has been awesome-ized. I am now making decisions that are taking me forward in my Christian life in a way I always dreamed was possible.

Why didn't somebody tell me about all this before! I feel I have wasted too much time, but thank God that I did find GLBC - the teaching is absolutely amazing!

I gave up another course I had already started for a sailing qualification in order to come to Bible College. It was a big decisions for me but i am SO GLAD I made it. My life, now 6 years later, is still completely revolutionized. I would recommend the College to anyone.

It is the truth that sets you free. Well I am freer than I could even have imagined now. Thank God for the truth that God has given to Ps Paul, and thank him for sharing it with us.

My life has turned around. I know how to hear from the Holy Spirit now and I have a godly confidence I never dreamed of. Thank you.

The teaching on the Authority of the Christian really shook my up and opened my eyes. It is astounding to know what God has given us, and now I have the privilege to work it out in my life. Look out devil - I am a blessed woman!

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