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Greater Life Missional Church is a multi-denominational, contemporary, Spirit-filled congregation with an emphasis on relevance, truth and life. Our foundations are firmly and solely in the Bible and our passion is to see people connect with God and experience Him in a real way. We are committed to the fresh move of the Holy Spirit as He brings His Church into a place of both effective impact in the community and the development of Christlikeness in her people.

We have a strong servant-leader model which encourages everyone in the church to be actively involved in the life of the Church and the community.

Senior Minister: Paul van Essen
Paul has been leading people in the Kingdom of God for 30 years and is currently serving is his 20th year as a full-time minister. After receiving Jesus as a teenager, he joined local a local Anglican Church and then spent 5 years at a dynamic local Baptist church before joining Christian City Church in 2003. He trained and served under Ps Phil Pringle at CCC in Sydney, serving there for 15 years during which time he became a staff pastor, the Principal of the Ministry Training College and a member of the Senior Ministry team, as well as planting other congregations and speaking at various churches and conferences throughout the nation. He founded Greater Life Church and the associated Bible College in the Kingston-Twickenham area after moving to the UK from Australia. Paul has seen first-hand the wonderful work of God in literally hundreds of positively transformed lives through GLC and the Greater Life Ministry Training College. He and his wife Caroline are sold out to see God's best in every person's life, and to see the New Testament Church manifest in power and filled with God's tangible presence as it was in the Bible.

Leadership Team
We see 'team' all through the Bible. God is not looking for a hero to save the world - Jesus already did that! What His Word does emphasise however is godly and anointed leadership, making disciples of those who are right there 'doing life' with them.
Our leadership team (and we may be biased) is probably the best on the entire planet, and our eldership team, which serve Ps Paul and Caroline in seeing the God-dreams for our church come to pass in an excellent, Biblical and integrous manner, is comprised of men and women who have a proven long term commitment to Jesus, to this House, to living out the Word for God and to our God-given pastors.

Legal & Financial oversight
As a registered Charitable company, Greater Life Trust Foundation is run by by a team of mature, Christian trustees of proven and good character.
We are a registered charitable company with a board of trustees who are responsible to administrate the church and are complicit with the requirements of both the Charity Commission and Companies House.The Trustees meet regularly to ensure total compliance including the submission of an annual report and financial statements.

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