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Ps Paul's and other great GLC messages are now available via podcast.

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The bible makes it clear that we should not put our hope in wealth but in God, and in this message Paul shares his revelation about this truth and demonstrates its power from his own personal testimony.


In this podcast Lucille Payet shares on her personal revelation of God's love in her life and how our own personal revelation affects our relationship with others.


Today Paul and Carrie share the message. Paul looks at the nature and purpose of hunger and how God responds to your hunger for Him. Using some 'revivalists' as examples, he clearly demonstrates the relationship between hunger, anointing and ministry. Carrie continues with part 2 of 'God's Toolkit', a practical session giving ideas and help on ways to reach into people's worlds.


Prayer is crucial in our relationship with God. We need to commune with Him - and regularly to deepen our relationship. Nothing speaks louder than testimonies, so enjoy and be inspired by Owen Aghedo's personal testimony, a leader at Greater Life.


The Christian life, isn't the true Christian life unless we are 'living all out for Jesus'. Part of this way of living is remembering we are on a mission - a mission from God. And not just on a Sunday, but everyday. So this week be full of the Spirit and remember to live all out for Him.

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