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PLEASE NOTE: All these testimonies have been sent in to us, written out for us or told to us verbally by the people directly involved and impacted.


During a Connect Group we noticed that one of the ladies was wearing a hearing aid and had done for many years. The group decided to call on God and pray for healing. Immediately she was completely healed of deafness and hasn't needed to use a hearing aid since.


A lady’s knee had strangely swollen up and she couldn’t walk on it. As it was so painful she and her husband had not choice but to cancel their holiday. During the evening, one of our church members prayed with her over the phone and commanded the knee to be healed. The following morning she phoned to say the swelling and pain had completely gone although there was still a little sensitivity which disappeared during the course of the day. The lady just couldn’t believe it. She could walk up and down stairs again and because of the healing felt closer to God.


One member of our Following the birth of her child 35 years ago she suffered back pain and had not been free of it since. After prayer the pain disappeared and has not come back. This is the first time that she has lived pain free in 35 years. Praise God!


One of our leaders had a relative who was suffereing from a severe headache that despite many painkillers had not shifted. A& E was the next step, but then our leader said 'let's just ask God to heal you over the phone'. Whilst on the phone she prayed and God's power begun to work. SAt first the pain reduced a little - but she persisted. Then it reduced greatly. Finally the relative was overjoyed . 'It is completely gone! WOW!'
God is good all the time!


A lady who has only recently met Jesus had a thyroid disorder. She attended a healing conference and suddenly had the revelation that 'Jesus bore our sicknesses' 2000 years ago and so was healed. She saw her doctor, and he said the problem had gone and there was no need for medication. A miracle praise God!


A new member of our church - and new to the area, prayed for a new job that would fit in with motherhood and within days she was approached and asked to work for a local company in her field. Also her daughter got accepted in the school of her choice after being told there were no places. This lady bought the uniform anyway and was then informed that someone had pulled out so her daughter could have the place. Hallelujah! God cares about every detail in your life and gives you special favour.


I had been suffering flu-like symptoms for over a week. I had to spend most of the time in bed and was unable to help my husband with our child or do anything around the house. I was blocked up and felt weak and in pain constantly. Ps Paul was visiting our LIFEgroup and he asked if I would come, and my husband also convinced me! Ps Paul spoke for a little while and then wanted to minister for me to receive healing before he left. He and the group laid hands on me and prayed with authority that the sickness would leave. It was amazing. I felt better right away, but not 100%. I went to bed a little while later and by morning I was well again. I thank God. It was such a great relief and wonderful miracle from God, He is so good!


I had been travelling to Ghana for business and had had such a bad leg that I had been in hospital for 6 weeks. They said there was no cure and sent me home. Then I came to Church, in my crutches and in pain. The pastor asked for people to come forward and that he wanted them to specify in their hearts one thing that they really wanted from God. I knew what I wanted. As soon as he laid his hands on me I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my leg. It was like a knife going in. The minister asked me about it and I told him what I was feeling – he said can you walk now and as he walked with me I began to walk free of the crutches. It felt better and better – it was truly a miracle. Later than evening I stayed at my niece’s home locally. It felt so good that I said to her I think we should take off the bandage that the hospital had put on. (My leg had been bruised and black and blue in colour.) As we unwrapped the bandage we saw the true extent of what God had done. All the skin on my leg was brand new – like baby skin. There was no bruising at all and I could walk properly! I have never stopped thanking God for His miracle power in my life. I walk and rejoice every day!


In our congregation in Pakistan a good meeting was enjoyed on Sunday morning and then whilst adults were enjoying food a 3 yr old child climbed up onto the roof and then fell over fifteen feet from the roof to the ground. Our leader and others gathered around immediately and started to ask God to protect the child from any injury or even death. The child got up without any injury or any blood. The father is holding a special celebration 'thank you to God' gathering and the church is in great rejoicing.


One of our people's friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We started to pray and since then doctors have affirmed that she has responded to the chemo better than expected. Further to that, though she is not a Christian and does not go to church, she has recently started visiting local churches.

2011 and earlier


In our Christmas Eve gathering in a leaders home a word of knowledge came forth about pain on the right hand side of someone's head. A young man had had shooting pains numerous times each day from a rugby injury many months ago. As hands were laid on Him the pain left and he was weeping with joy at this miracle of God.
(December 2011)


In our Twickenham LIFEgroup one of the leaders ministered to a lady who had a very painful hand as a result of a bike injury, which has bothered her for a few weeks. After prayer her the hand slowly reduced in pain until, after about 3-4 minutes, the pain was reduced by approx 90%. A few days later the pain was completely gone. In the same LIFEgroup a younger girl suffering from muscular pain was also healed within a few minutes.
(December 2011)


One of our youth writes: 'In our church we have been learning about God's power to help us and heal us and the ways that power flows. I an a 17 yr old who loves to play football and most other sports, but around 2 years ago my knee, after an accident, suffered ligament damage. We had laid hands on my knee at church and seen some good recovery, but it was not 100%. Then on a Wednesday night meeting, after hearing some teaching, we were just flowing in the Spirit and seeing what God would do. A young (10 yr old) boy said he sensed that there was something wrong with my knee - specifically my left knee. I kind of wrote it off as he was so young, but after persisting I told the pastor and he came and both he and the boy laid hands on my knee - and - I am serious - I felt something happening in my knee and it was instantly completely fixed! I tested it by sitting down on the floor and trying to straighten both legs out completely - one thing I have not been able to do since the injury. And sure enough - both legs straightened out perfectly. We went crazy!! That was over a month ago and it is still as perfect today. Praise God!
(October 2011)


1 1/2 yr old Anderson Francis and his family have been greatly impacted by God's love and the gospel brought to them by our co-worker Sabastian in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He was recently diagnosed with typhoid and was told he would not recover. His mother was pregnant at the same time and there was risk that either the baby or herself may not make it through the birth process. We received notification from Sabastian and our church joined him in prayer for the miracle - and - praise God! - Anderson has been declared completely whole by the doctors there. Not only this but the birth of the new baby went extremely well and both mother and child are well. We praise God for His faithfulness and that, since Jesus is alive, people are discovering everywhere that He is doing now what He did when He was physically here on the Earth 2000 years ago. As a postscript, Sabastian is now seeing in excess of 50 locals join in his home every Sunday to hear about Jesus and how much He loves people, and the miracles He will gladly perform in their lives.
(August 2011)


This brother we have been helping in both practical and spiritual things for almost 2 years in Pakistan was diagnosed late last year with Hep-C. We have been praying for Him and his family. Here is his story:

Its great pleasure for all of us that am totally healed .I was so discouraged and angry on every one including God.Why is this happen to me? Why God is not listening our Prayers? I was so sick that I can't sit and go toilet by myself.
On july12, 2011 i was feeling so pain and breath hardly ,I thought today is my last day I told my wife i want to take bath,she was not agreed due to my conditions but later she did, thinking it was my last desire. After that i start prayer and confess to God all my sins and ask God if he want take my life right now because i can't suffer more and if he has mercy on me i will be very grateful and i will be obey him whole my life. After this prayer i feel very calm and peace and feel no pain at all i called my wife and children and prayed again to thanks for blessing and my life he gave me my family was crying with happiness.On July 13 my bro in law came and gave me some money and took me the Doctor and he exams and told us that i have no disease at all ,and have only weakness that will recover shortly, Dr. took my all test for hepatitis and other test and then he said i have nothing and he ask me what kind of medicine i used and i told him nothing ,he hardly believe. Its almost 20days that i was on bed and can't move by my self and hardly eat and drink but God give me my life back and complete health.
We came back home praising God. Its all our prayer results and you were 100percent right that God can do miracles any time,my faith on him is so strong now that you can,t imagine.
God bless you. I confirm I am 100% healed. ,honestly I want to work for God.S, Pakistan

(July 2011)


My husband is in need of a motorized wheelchair and I was recently helping a friend with a situation when she said she had one, that had been used twice, and was not working for the new owner. It was worth about £1000, and rather than take it back to the shop she said 'Would it help if I gave it to you?'. I knew we couldn't afford it right away as we are not very wealthy people, but we have faithfully tithed to God and given to His House since joining your church a couple of years ago. I asked what she would like for it. To my astonishment she said 'If you help me with this, just give me £100 and we'll call it square'. I was stunned at God's goodness. In the same week I received an envelope from an older gentleman who I have known and helped for some time. I would rather not say exactly the amount, but it was a cheque for an amount I have never received before. I am so thankful to God, and I'm equally excited at the opportunity to bless Him and His House from this gift.J, Twickenham

(July 2011)


I was having my appraisal with my line manager and I asked how her family was as she knew I was a Christian and I had been praying for her situation. We chatted a little and then she went on with the appraisal. As she entered results into the computer she acknowledged that she had such a bad headache that she couldn't stand it and could no longer continue with the appraisal. I asked gently if I could pray and touch her head and she said OK. I gently touched her head and asked for Jesus to heal her and within seconds she looked up at me completely surprised and said 'IT'S GONE! IT'S COMPLETELY GONE!' She then commented that my hands were extremely warm (ed: this is quite common when God's healing power flows through somebody into someone else). I told her it was God's power and that He loved her. She looked much happier and then we went on with the appraisal!V, Mortlake

(June 2011)


I went to visit my friend's daughter in hospital last Friday. She was in with a really severe infection which was not really responding to treatment. I only had a few minutes with her as visiting time was over when I got there. I had a brief chat with her and before I left I asked her if I could pray for her and she agreed. I laid hands on her and prayed that she will be discharged on Monday. Guess what? She was! I got a call from her mum to let me know on Monday night. Her mum made a very positive comment about the power of our prayers - I prayed for her the night before she had surgery for breast cancer that she will make a speedy recovery that will astound the doctors and she did. (This was in Feb) God is doing amazing things. Glory to Him!R, Feltham

(June 2011)


I had been suffering with a very painful lower arm after a fall. I was in pain for over a week and decided to go to the doctor, who took an x-ray and confirmed a break. He said I should get a splint to help it heal but I had no way to get a splint. I came to the Wednesday Evening service at church and AS I WALKED INTO THE BUILDING THE PAIN LEFT MY ARM. I told some of the people present who told Ps Paul, who said to wait until Sunday to check that it was totally healed and tell the people then. Sure enough I was there on Sunday to testify that all the pain had gone and that I could move my arm as normal and even hit it and there was no pain at all. Praise God!R, Twickenham

(May 2011)


Since a child I have had a condition that causes sores on my the soles of my feet regularly. Once the sores open they are very painful and they usually take up to a year to close up and heal. That is the normal pattern. Recently I had another sore come and I decided to pray with some of the team from our church. It did not close up immediately, but started to heal very quickly. It was inside 4 weeks that the sore was completely closed up and all pain was gone. This was a genuine miracle - this has never happened before and is not supposed to happen with this condition! I thank God so much because it was so painful to walk or go to work and really affected me having a normal life with my children.M, Twickenham

(May 2011)


My colleague at school had been taken ill and admitted at Kingston hospital, suffering severe breathing problems. When we were informed in a staff meeting I decided to send her a text letting her know I was thinking of her. She was so touched and responded immediately. She was discharged after 10 days and again when we were informed I called her. She was very moved by my concern. She then started telling me about how well I was doing and that it was something she had mentioned to my line manager and was needing to be acknowledged. She said my classes were getting good results and achievements had soared! The background to this story is that 4 years ago the same lady tried to attack me professionally in a very unpleasant manner, and she could not believe how I had been able to let it go. I took the attitude that as a Christian, I would not let the issue affect my working relationship and had committed to getting on well with her. I reminded her that I had called her during her illness because of genuine concern and that I would continue to remember her in my prayers. She asked me to pray for her and her two boys. She said she was emotionally broken and that was the bit that would take her a long time to get over.
I thank God that through the power of His love in me He enabled me to turn this situation around into opportunity to reach out to her, and at the same time He caused me to be vindicated.V, Twickenham

(February 2011)

All these testimonies have been sent in to us or told to us by the people directly impacted. The wording is as it was communicated to us although in some cases in order to keep the length suitable, these communications have been slightly edited. We have endeavored in every case to maintain both the facts of the testimony and the spirit of the communication truly and accurately. We do not accept any responsibility if it is later found that people were not telling the truth.

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