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Our Vision

Vision is what you see.
And what you see is what you become.

We see a spiritually hungry nation that God really loves - much more than most people realise!
We see many people believing in God and ticking the 'Christian' box, but far fewer finding a church where they feel they can belong, or bring friends and family to, or where there is a sense of God's presence and a tangible connection with Him.
We see an amazing and awesome God whose heart is FOR people - wanting to help, inspire and bless them - a God whose whole nature is LOVE.
We see a desperate need for churches that are INSPIRING, RELEVANT, LIFE-CHANGING, EXCELLENT, POWERFUL and UNCOMPROMISING in this nation.
And we are totally committed to being one of them!

Our mission is simple: to connect people with God through the life-changing experience and relationship that Jesus Christ provides, and to have 'church' in a way that allows people to experience God's love and presence without guilt or fear.

Our model is simple: the New Testament Church. The 'Acts 2' church. To live it out. To love it. To demonstrate it. To model it. To be it - both to the secular world and to the church world.
That Church has a great two-fold purpose: to build up God's peoples' lives in faith and love toward Him, and to reach out to this world with supernatural love, life and power.

The New Testament Church is seen in action over its first 30 years or so in the Book of Acts.The bulk of the remainder of the entire New Testament - the letters - are almost exclusively written to the New Testament Church and about the New Testament Church. In these places we see the things that were most important to the Church and the things that were the common experiences of the earliest Christians. These are things that we likewise value and prioritize:

  • a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ and an unapologetic devotion to Him
  • a radical 'whole-life' commitment to the Church; the gathering together of like-minded believers
  • unusual, dynamic demonstrations of the Holy Spirit - gifts, healings, miracles, signs, wonders, etc.
  • non-church people with 'normal life problems' finding love, acceptance and support from Christians
  • extreme and passionate prayer
  • A deep reverence for the message (the Gospel) meaning the honouring of it and of those who teach and minister it. In addition, a heartfelt commitment to 'getting the message out' to the people in our worlds and our local communities in a manner evidenced by love, grace, power and service.

We believe in this kind of Church and we cannot think of a more exciting reason to be alive on the planet today!

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